Description of the painting by Edward Munch "Scream"

Description of the painting by Edward Munch

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The painting depicts a human figure screaming in despair. The man is depicted against the sky, which is blood-red. There is also a generalized landscape background. The artist has written a whole series of paintings by Scream.

The work served as a prelude to the art of the twentieth century. These canvases portended the spread of modernism, revealing the themes of despair, alienation and loneliness. It seems that the master was able to foresee the future. Soon the picture became a reality when world wars, famines, revolutions and environmental disasters erupted. And the cry of the soul shows that all this is inevitable and not surmountable.

What inspired Munch to create such a masterpiece? He answers this question himself. In his diary were found some entries that lead to certain conclusions. Munch wrote that he and his friends once walked along a path. It was evening and the sun was already setting behind the clouds. Here, unexpectedly, for no reason, the sky turned scarlet to blood color.

Munch stopped, he felt severe exhaustion. He began to lean on the fence, but continued to watch the blood in the city sky. For some reason, Munch's friends went further in complete calm. The artist himself was in amazement, feeling great excitement. Munch also describes that he felt a limitless cry that pierced nature through and through.

Some believe that the master saw the mummy and it was her that was displayed on the canvas. Others believe that Munch was mentally ill, he had a mental disorder. And Munch painted pictures of the scream, as if hoping to get rid of the scream of his own soul.

So, the screaming figure is like a skeleton, or an embryo, or a sperm. It causes such associations in many. The lines of the landscape are undulating, as if showing an echo, as if a cry is heard from all sides. The emotions of the model are extremely negative. And it seems that, gaining the scope of universal proportions, the subject subjugates the whole environment.

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