Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov "Out of the Forest"

Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov

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Nikolai Krymov entered the history of Russian art not only as a brilliant landscape painter, but also as a teacher and theorist of painting. He was born in a family of artists. Naturally, the father became the first teacher of Krymov.

At the beginning of his studies, Krymov was so poor that he could not get paint and used those that were cleansed from their canvases by wealthier students. This has developed in the artist thrift for the consumption of paints and drawing, preferably on small canvas. Despite all the machinations of fate, Krymov’s talent developed quickly, and one of his first paintings was bought for the Tretyakov Museum.

The artist’s works are distinguished by faded colors, which absolutely does not spoil the picture, but rather adds some poetry to it. The artist’s performance is always very clear, much attention is paid to details, all strokes are thorough and accurate. Krymov loved to write nature, especially water and reflection in it, when the impression of a bifurcated world is created, when the sky merges together with the earth.

Krymov portrayed landscapes especially sensually. For example, the painting "From the Forest": nature in the picture seemed to freeze. Thus, the artist conveyed his contemplative and poetic mood and his observations.

In the early works of Krymov, the influence of different masters is visible, but later on, it is noticeable that he is alien to other people's motives and style. He never pursued fashion trends, and the main thing for him was always a sensitive emotional perception of nature.

Such honesty and sincerity in the work led to Krymov many students to whom he conveyed his manner and sensuality of performance. Even more followers became interested in Krymov’s interesting and unlike manner. Many were imbued with his honesty and the fact that he always remained true to himself and nature, and not to fashion trends or the manner of writing of famous artists.

Krymov Winter Evening Picture

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