Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Elephants"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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The painting "Elephants" by Spanish artist Salvador Dali painted in 1948. For the first time, an elephant of a typical image was depicted in the painting "Dream". The image of the mythical elephant with long legs and an obelisk on its back is present in many paintings by Dali, it is “Bernini's Elephant” or as it is also called “Minerva's elephant”, bearing the attributes and obelisks of the pope.

This is a large depiction of elephants by Dali, inspired by the sculpture of Jan Lorenzo-Bernini - an elephant with an obelisk on its back. Perhaps this picture does not carry a certain meaning, but is filled with elements that were once seen. Which greatly shocked for various reasons the artist. It is difficult for many art lovers to understand the fragment depicted in the picture, but any absurdity is a fragment of a fact from the artist’s life.

The picture against the sunset shows two elephants on their legs - stilts. The color scheme of the sunset is made in bright colorful tones, smoothly changing from bright orange to delicate yellow. Under this unusual sky is a desert, in the distance with visible hills of sand.

The surface of the desert is smooth, as if unaware of the wind. Two elephants on very tall and thin legs with obelisks on their backs walk along it towards each other. It seems that at the first step the legs can fold under the heavy weight of the elephant. In one elephant, the trunk is directed upward, giving the impression of joy, while in the other, the trunk hangs down, like the head of an animal, giving it an image of sadness and sadness. They are covered with patterned carpets in gray tones, like elephants.

Below under the feet of elephants are two human silhouettes with elongated reflections of shadows. One visually looks like a man’s standing, and the other, running with his arms raised up, resembles a woman’s image. In the center of the picture are the outlines of the house of an unusual image. The canvas is written in the style of surrealism with an unbridled flight of the artist’s imagination. Despite the distorted presentation style, the picture is clear to everyone.

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