Description of the painting Isaac Levitan “On the Lake”

Description of the painting Isaac Levitan “On the Lake”

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The picture was painted in oil on canvas in 1893, when Levitan was in Tver. Currently, it is stored in the Moscow Tretyakov Gallery. It was at this time that Levitan began to get involved in pastel painting techniques, with the help of which he was able to express the whole color gamut of most shades of light, giving depth and airiness to the objects of the image. Levitan was interested in this story as early as the beginning of 1890, this is not the most successful of his works. But in this picture the mood itself is clearly manifested - peace and quiet, the bliss of nature, which are visible in the lake and in the sky covered with clouds.

The sunset is approaching and in its rays everything becomes a little pink. On a steep bank, Christmas trees are depicted, which seem to rest with their tops in the sky. Next to them are wooden dwellings, this is a small fishing village with its own identity and charters, a calm and measured life. People most likely returned with a catch and rest, as the nets are hung up and rinse in the wind to dry.

The overturned boats doze off, unpretentiously, buried with their pointed noses in the grass. One silence and peace, in which, it seems, the wind even lurked, and only a lone reed rustled its leaves. The blue of the sky in the clouds is reflected on the surface of the lake. The air is clear, clean and fresh. The picture provides the viewer with positive and serene emotions, which immediately becomes calm and blissful in the soul.

The slope is, as it were, in the shade, which portends the evening time and the onset of darkness. Shade spruces and bushes growing along the coast. The whole picture shows the majestic and calm beauty of nature. The predominance of a colder and calmer tone of colors, gives the viewer all the freshness of a cold evening.

Composition by Makovsky’s Date

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