Description of the painting by Vasily Polenov “Moscow Courtyard”

Description of the painting by Vasily Polenov “Moscow Courtyard”

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The painting by V. Polenov “Moscow Courtyard” was painted in 1878. she brought fame and fame to the artist, she tells the viewer about something near and dear, living in every consciousness of a person from childhood.

The picture shows a typical corner in old Moscow, with the Church of the Savior on Sands, located near the old Arbat street. An ordinary courtyard is penetrated by sunlight on one of the brightly sunny days of summer. Green grass strewn across the courtyard, with all kinds of shades. Cirrus clouds easily float across the sky, the sun rises and warms the earth with its warmth, igniting the brilliance of the domes of churches and shortening the shadow. The courtyard is gradually enlivened.

In the background, the five-domed church and the bell tower with golden domes are visible. The whole yard is a small lawn with a barn, a well and a house. Not far from the shed there is a horse harnessed to the sled, waiting for its owner, shifting from foot to foot. From the right foreground there is a path leading to a merchant two-story mansion with sheds. Near the house you can see a young woman, a peasant woman, who is walking with a bucket, and hens busily digging around the barn, in the same place, clothes are dried on a rope.

In the center, a narrower path leads to a wide path leading to a well for water. On the middle plan of the courtyard, in the emerald green grass, two kids started a game, a small kid was crying through the path on the lawn and crying, and no one was paying attention to him. A girl in a long skirt and white sweater is standing and carefully examining something, holding it in her hands. Near the front garden with a fence, an old well with a wooden cover, and behind it a fence from which green burdock burd out. The picture depicts a feeling of everyday hustle and bustle. Everyone is busy with their own affairs.

From the picture radiates joy and the feeling of a quiet holiday. At the moment, the picture is in Moscow in the Tretyakov Gallery. Dali Salvador

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