Description of Raphael's painting “The Sistine Madonna”

Description of Raphael's painting “The Sistine Madonna”

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The painting depicts a woman with a child, but this is not just a woman, this is a virgin holding a blessed child in her arms. Her gentle and at the same time sad look seems to know about what an ungrateful future awaits her son. The child, on the contrary, is full of life, strength and energy, which is very clearly seen in his constitution.

Mother tremulously and gently holds her son in her arms, pressing her naked body closer to herself, as if trying to protect him from all the troubles that life brings us. In the picture, a woman is depicted standing in heaven, because it was she who gave birth to the Savior, she brought the Blessing to the lands of sinners.

At first glance, the picture is simple and understandable, but Raphael always invested more in the meaning of the picture than he could realize the simple, uninitiated in the secrets of the wonders of painting. Spectators can linger for a long time in front of this picture, admiring the beautiful face of the mother and the still quite childish, but already blurred mind, face of the child.

Their integrity seems to tell us that their mission on earth is just beginning and destinies prepared by fate will only emphasize the significance of their actions. This is a Divine child, presented to the world, or maybe sacrificed, in order to show that everything is born the same way, that people are sons of the Lord, but only pursuing righteous goals, you can find your place among the white clouds.

The Sistine Madonna is a masterpiece, because it combines incongruous phenomena, such as a mortal human body and the sacredness of the spirit, as inherent to ordinary people, the birth of children and the atonement of sins by killing.

Everything is mixed up, everything is arguing with each other, but at the same time, it complements one another. Without a body, it would be impossible to depict a woman who presented the world with a Divine child, without a spirit there is no life in the body, without the natural appearance of a child, how would people understand that they are also able from birth to take the righteous path, how without becoming atonement for sin to become sinless.

So many emotions fit on one canvas, so many human minds and thoughts fell on the bed of knowledge of the truth, but only the author himself can confidently and without fiction say exactly what he had in mind, combining incompatible things.

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