Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “Nestor the Chronicler”

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “Nestor the Chronicler”

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The picture is saturated with respect and appreciation for this great man, not just a man, but a famous historian of antiquity, because thanks to his works, we are familiar with the Tale of Bygone Years, as well as with the campaigns of Prince Igor. It is not for nothing that the artist portrayed a historian with a halo on his head, as he believes that this man’s place is among holy and wise people.

The picture is saturated with colors, the transitions give reality and clarity, as if the picture was just painted and the paint is still drying. It depicts an old man, but his face is not at all senile, it is covered with marks of experience and wisdom, it is both strict and kind.

The whole face of the historian seems to teach us to understand life and comprehend what surrounds us and gives us knowledge. The moment is captured when the historian sets forth his thoughts and historical facts on paper, his hands are strong and sinewy, the pen in his hands is also not shabby, it looks like they did not work at all, but previously recorded entries are visible in the book.

The historian's gaze is fixed on the book and his frowning eyebrows are a little drawn over his eyes, so his appearance becomes even more severe and noble. only gray and bald patches indicate that we are a person of advanced age, the rest says the opposite, that the person depicted is not yet ready to leave this mortal world.

Apparently the artist tried to portray the historian in the process of writing one of his works, because both the landscape behind him, the lighting, and objects in his hands tell us that an important historical process is really happening.

The deep wrinkles on the forehead and under the nose are so clearly visible that it seems as if the author of the picture was personally acquainted with the historian or painted his portrait. The whole picture is saturated with the spirit of the pursuit of knowledge and creativity, as well as to convey truths to descendants.

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