Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky “Date”

Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky “Date”

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The painting "Date" was written by Makovsky V. This is a typical work of the "Wanderers" with the theme of impoverishment and difficult life among the people.

The picture shows the meeting of a mother - a peasant woman with her son, who was apprenticed to the city. Mother sadly looks at her son, her posture and sad appearance betrays the heavy feeling experienced in their rare encounters. She does not hug her son and does not talk with him, probably because of fatigue. You can understand that she gave her son to study craft because of deep need.

She is dressed in a rustic way: she is wearing a black coat, from under which a red skirt is visible, and a black scarf is tied over her head. Judging by the clothes of her mother, she came from the village on foot, and their meeting time is winter.

The boy eagerly eats the kalach brought to him by his mother, he literally clung to it, chewing greedily. His face is pale and very serious beyond his years. He is very poorly dressed for work in the workshop. He doesn’t have shoes on, although it is winter outside, on top of a shirt that has faded red, there are rough pants with a dirty apron over which a dirty rag sticks out to wipe his hands.

Their meeting took place in some kind of dirty room with wooden walls and a dirt floor darkened with time. Perhaps the workers are resting in it. There is a jug on the barrel so that you can drink, and sunlight streams dimly from the window on the left. The painting used mainly dark colors, which convey the tragedy of the situation, since the subsequent meeting of the mother and son may not take place. In addition, the poor woman is too tired of the long road to see her son often. The picture conveys a typical case from the life of ordinary people, which makes the viewer sympathize and empathize with their suffering and grief.

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