Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “The Frog Princess”

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “The Frog Princess”

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The painting “The Princess - the Frog” was painted by the famous Russian artists V. Vasnetsov. in 1918 In the center of the canvas, a stately beautiful girl is depicted. Her camp is gracefully bent, her head is gracefully thrown back, and her arms are spread apart, she is dancing.

The princess is dressed in an emerald embroidered dress on the floor, under which a snow-white shirt is visible, and in her hand she holds a white air scarf. She stands with her back to us and her face is not visible, only long thick braids are presented to the viewer. From the look of the playing musicians, who are located on the benches, we can conclude that the girl is very beautiful. They look at her with a smile and admiration, her dance fascinates them, their legs dance, and their heads move to the beat with the dance.

Vasilisa - the Wise artist depicted at the time of her stay at the ball at the king. Right now she is demonstrating her amazing magic: with a wave of her left hand - a beautiful lake appeared, with a wave of her right - snow-white swans floating on it. Vasilisa performs her dance in one of the rooms of the royal choir, which is very beautiful, as evidenced by carved legs on wooden tables, a painted ornament on the floor and walls, and a doorway lined with paintings, an aperture. The table is covered with a snow-white tablecloth and filled with various dishes.

In the background you can see a lake with a beautiful surface and snow-white swans floating on it, and nearby flying to it. Behind the lake you can see village huts, slender birches, a wheat field is gilded, followed by a tall and dense forest. On the lake there is a boat with a man, and on the shore, a girl in Russian sundresses is dancing. Across the peaceful blue sky, white swans are flying smoothly. Small elements of the demonstration of nature in the picture convey it very accurately and beautifully.

The picture conveys the inspiration of folk art, all the beauty and originality of the Russian people, informing the viewer about world magic. At the moment, the picture is in the House-Museum of Vasnetsov V.M. in Moscow.

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