Description of Arkhip Kuindzhi's painting Autumn

Description of Arkhip Kuindzhi's painting Autumn

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Among the paintings of Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi “Autumn” is not the most famous painting. However, it attracts with its quiet charm. The forest landscape with trees and a barely noticeable path seems a bit gloomy, which conveys the feeling of an inexorable reduction in daylight hours. Nature is preparing for winter. Only one tree - it is at the very center of the composition - stubbornly continues to turn green. Perhaps because it is lonely and receives a little more light than the rest. Around - a riot of colors of autumn.

In the background are golden trees. Most likely, these are birches. To the left of the "stubborn" tree, also in the distance, is the red maple. Part of the foliage is painted in brown tones, and the sky is grayish, as if penetrated by the threads of the beginning small rain. Only the crimson on the right side of the canvas, and the red bushes that crowded along the path, remind us that the sleepy rays of sunset still shine through the clouds.

Judging by the leafy crowns of the trees, the artist found early autumn. The trees seemed to freeze in anticipation of cold weather, but this landscape is still permeated by the remnants of summer heat, carefully preserved by the autumn forest. The forest seemed to be tucked up with a slight haze, which can be found at the end of an autumn day, when the air slowly cools, giving way to wet night coolness.

The picture “Autumn” cannot be unambiguously attributed to impressionism. However, this is true in relation to all of Kuindzhi’s creativity. However, the influence of this European trend is felt here. However, Arkhip Ivanovich did not limit himself to the framework of a certain style, but instead developed his own unique style. This made his paintings recognizable, and himself famous. The master had many students and followers, many of whom also won the glory of great artists.

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