Description of the painting by Igor Grabar “March Snow” (March)

Description of the painting by Igor Grabar “March Snow” (March)

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In the picture of I.E. A young girl steps, carrying two buckets on the beam. She is in a hurry to get water. This is evident from the fact that she carries a rocker on one shoulder. On her head is a warm scarf, the girl is dressed in a dark quilted jacket and a skirt to the floor. And outside the window is already March, and yet the girl is dressed warmly.

It is not for nothing that people say that when the March has arrived, it is necessary to put on two trousers. After all, despite the fact that it is getting warmer, especially in the sun, it is still damp on the street. And it is especially felt in the evening. You can understand what is getting dark by the blue shades of trees in the melting snow. Such a shadow can happen only in the red rays of sunset. Snow has already melted on the tracks. The path goes somewhere into the distance, and the girl, in order to get fresh water, needs to go a long way to the well.

Several wooden huts are visible. To the right are the trees; they have already thrown off their warm snow caps and are waiting for warmth. Only the earth is in no hurry to throw off a feather duvet of snow. We see in the picture all this snowy mass, which will not soon surrender to the rays of the March sun coming in. But the snow has already become nostril, with ice, melted by the sun, lumps on top. But this aged snow seems to the artist something marvelous. Grabar caught that slipping blue of snow, which can be seen only at certain times of the day, or rather, when the day is about to change dusk.

On the street - pacification, so quiet and calm, and you can only hear how the girl steps, breaking the thin ice crust formed on the path. Only this crunch is heard in silence. It already smells of air in the spring, and to show this, the picture is painted softly and easily. The viewer is attracted by the simple plot, the harmony and beauty of rural life. The artist depicted the usual everyday life of the villagers. But he saw in them inimitable beauty. Grabar admires the awakening nature, admires the upcoming spring, trying to show the still hidden power of meltwater, which is about to burst in streams into the rural landscape.

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