Description of the painting by Paul Gauguin "Bathers"

Description of the painting by Paul Gauguin

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This painting is one of the most expensive paintings in the world, which were sold in the XX-XXI centuries. The work was sold for fifty-five million dollars in two thousand and five.

The presence of decorative colors, as well as plane and monumental compositional tones are very close to the popular at that time style called “modern” and played a special role on most of the Nabi painters and other cultural figures of the early twentieth century. In addition, Gauguin attached special emotional significance to the color scheme, lines and other properties of the form in this work.

His painting is primarily distinguished by the tendency of a decorative component of color, and the emphasized expression of each line and silhouette. This emphasized the whole style of Gauguin.

Thanks to the life of a native in Tahiti, this picture was born. More precisely, thanks to the impact on him of the impression received from an exotic society and a completely new and mysterious culture for him. It was this work that helped him finally find his style.

In the picture, he depicted Tahitian women in the form of bathers, and most importantly, emphasized their freedom, independence and beauty, whose life goes along with the unique and soulful nature of Tahiti. The canvas itself is presented in festive colors, likened to a bright decorative panel, and the motifs resemble the outlines of Egyptian, Greek and Javanese cultures.

In his painting “Bathers,” Gauguin especially emphasized his Gauguinian style in the form of a planar canvas and a border surrounding it, where the color scheme was distributed in large and sonorous planes and acquired the presence of plane independence.

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