Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "I am six years old"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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Surprising works performed in a specific, memorable style brought fame to Dali. Whether it be “Discovery of America ...” or “Living Still Life” - any picture of this kind seemed to have been created outside of human vision, fantasy, imagination and even dreams. What Dali did was always amazing, attractive and will attract regardless of the person and the time when he was or will be born (or already born).

The painting “I am at the age of six” actually has a much more specific name, but it makes no sense to bring it: not only does it describe what is happening on the canvas only “in brief”, so the still long version is rarely mentioned in catalogs and books of art historians. Even more often, fans of the artist’s work call the painting “Dali at the age of six”: it’s more convenient and clear.

It was painted in 1950 on canvas with oil paints. It is hard to imagine that what is happening on it could have a place in reality.

Background. In the distance, mountains and clouds are visible in an almost completely clear sky.

Foreground. We see a girl, apparently six years old. She vaguely resembles Gala (hairstyle, hair color). In her left hand, the girl holds a rather large shell, and with her right hand raises, according to the name, the “skin of the sea,” resembling a mirror or absolutely smooth foil. However, from the stone on the left are circles. Not far from it is a rock. A spotted dog in a collar sleeps under the surface of the “sea”. Interestingly, the girl’s shadow does not touch her feet. The child either hovers above the ground, or acquired abilities akin to what Peter Pan had.

It is hard to say what exactly Salvador Dali wanted to say. Rather, this picture is a solution to a certain artistic problem, realistically depicting an unrealistic, non-existent world.

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