Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Evening”

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Evening”

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The picture of Isaac Levitan's “Evening” is a rather early work of his. The picture has a rather sad appearance, having underneath the moral background of the period from the life of Levitan, when, even in distant youth, fate developed so that he became an orphan.

This will be fully reflected in the colors and colors, both this and other paintings written after. Her interesting coloring, even despite the clearly monochromatic color scheme, which is not very mottled with paints and flowers, even looks like a slight accent, dramatic effect, but meanwhile the grandeur of this picture.

Of course, the sad atmosphere of the outgoing day prevails on the canvas, the sun has set over the horizon, and evening comes, this is the main idea of ​​the picture. But the spaciousness that supplements it, which is at first glance insignificant at first glance, and even the church in the background, makes the image of the picture more holistic. A strip of cloud rolls over the sky, as if she were covering it with a warm blanket and preparing it for bed.

Fog spreads over the river, as if rolling a soft pillow to both banks. The hillside is covered with a lot of green-yellow grass and trees. Silent silence and calm makes you think high, looking at this landscape. A well-chosen angle allows us to consider, in fact, a fairly large space, and to capture with our eyes the whole outskirts.

A lonely, but rather large house stands right on the very bank of the river, most likely this building somehow belongs to that cathedral, which is a little at a distance. Untouched and virgin lands, involuntarily attract eyes.

A perfectly calm river, also getting ready for bed, not letting out even the smallest ripples on its surface, absolute calm. The calm of the river is transmitted to all nature and encompasses the surroundings, thereby transmitting these feelings to the viewer.

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