Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “From apartment to apartment”

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “From apartment to apartment”

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Of course, looking at this picture of the great artist Vasnetsov, you immediately understand what kind of feelings the creator tried to achieve.

The picture is completely saturated with feelings of pessimism and even part of despair. In the background, in the background, it becomes clear that this is a rather late period, most likely autumn. The scene of the painting meets us in St. Petersburg. All this is understandable from the rear view, which shows the contours of the great Peter and Paul Fortress. Niva, which is already icebound.

Looking at the main characters of this picture, an elderly man who, judging by his clothes, is far from rich, but at the same time not poor, most likely their family is somewhere between poverty and the middle class, perhaps even some very petty official.

In the hands of which there are not so many belongings, and behind me a meager salary, exactly the same pension, and most importantly the reason for their wandering, the rise in the cost of rent. Throughout his look at his elderly wife, it is clear that he is very upset and feels guilty for what happened. His wife at this moment is completely unshakable and completely focused on the road.

Next to them along the road their dog wanders, being faithful to his masters all his life, as they say in wealth and poverty. The artist, thanks to the exact location of the Peter and Paul Fortress and the route of these two old men with a dog, gives us the opportunity to assume that they keep their way, most likely, from the more expensive housing on Vasilevsky Island, to cheaper, on the side of Petrogradka. All the sadness of this landscape, emphasizes the general dejection of the plot.

The artist showed us as closely as possible the whole essence of the experience, in such moments as: the presence of gray-yellow snow, the same sad and hopeless gray sky, Neva thawed areas over which gulls slowly fly.

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