Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Christmas"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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S. Dali's painting “Christmas” was made in the artist’s favorite manner of surrealism. As you know, Dali sought in his work to rethink the Christian themes of Christmas, the earthly path of Jesus Christ, crucifixion and resurrection. His painting Christmas is also dedicated to the religious theme of the birth of the Savior. Moreover, it was this picture that adorned the cover of a fashionable women's magazine in 1946.

However, an outside observer who is not familiar with the name of the canvas may not even understand what is depicted on it: he will see an arch broken in the middle, a winter landscape inside the arch, spruce trees growing on the bricks of a collapsing architectural structure with Bethlehem stars in the middle of each of them.

The semicircle of the sides of the arch resemble the right and left parts of the face. The Christmas tree ornaments hanging on both sides of the arch are the eyes of some living creature, possibly God himself. Other ornaments of the architectural structure resemble lips, nose and chin. The very theme of a semicircle and a straight line resembles the image of the female and male principles, as well as the element of their combination in the birth of a new living creature.

Thus, we are faced with deeply symbolic images, Dali uses both the famous symbols of Christmas (the image of the Star of Bethlehem, the Christmas tree as a symbol of the resurrection of eternal life, the image of winter, because Christmas comes in winter), and those created by himself (this includes the image of a human face in semicircles of the arch). It is also interesting that many symbols repeat them twice: for example, two Christmas trees, two Bethlehem stars.

This feature can be interpreted in different ways. For example, we can assume that under two Christmas trees and two stars gave gave implies the divine and human nature of Jesus Christ or the greatness of God and man on earth.

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