Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Young Women"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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The painting by the artist Salvador Dali “Young Women” is very original and, given the general style of the author’s work, is allegorical.

Three objects are depicted on the canvas: on the right is a pot with a pale blue - grayish flower, in the center is a girl with her back turned to the viewer and her face to the left, another representative of the fair sex is depicted. The forms of the girls are quite massive, if not exaggerated. Moreover, so much so that looking at their hands, we see almost male palms. Girls are located on a checkered black and white floor, reminding us of a chessboard.

The central lady holds her arms crossed behind her back, as if her wrists were handcuffed, she is in black stockings and on her leg, which is closer to the center, we see light ribbons of pointe shoes. Therefore - in front of us is a ballerina. Its black braid at the level of the shoulder blades is fastened with a blue bow. On her shoulder lies the palm of the girl facing us. The girl on the left is in a sitting position, with legs crossed.

Her head is tilted to the left and her palm is also open in this direction. Thus, we can trace some dynamics of symbolism. A flower allegorizes childhood to us, the central figure is forced youth, and a busty girl shows us a transition period from immature passivity to adult mentoring.

The color of this work of art is rather restrained, mainly cold blue prevails here and a little less - brick-red clay tones. The general proportions of human figures are distorted and their poses are somewhat unnaturally twisted by different parts of the body in inharmonious manifestations. There is a certain “uncouthness” in this work and, apparently, it is a conscious means of expressing the artist.

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