Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “Carpet-plane”

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “Carpet-plane”

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A remarkable story of the circumstances that led to the birth of the picture Carpet-plane. ” Viktor Vasnetsov, a young Russian artist, was offered an order that was very interested in him from a major philanthropist and industrialist, Mamontov Savva Ivanovich. It was proposed to draw a picture of a fantastic flight, a fabulous movement.

It was planned to decorate the office of the chairman of the Donetsk Railway. But the board members considered the paintings created by Vasnetsov inappropriate in the business environment of the office space. Thus, Mamontov became the happy owner of paintings that adorned his personal collection.

Folk art chose a carpet flying in the sky as a means of traveling through the air, on which a fairy-tale hero returns with a victory. Ivan Tsarevich fulfilled the task with honor, found in the distant kingdom, the fiftieth state, the magic Firebird in a golden cage, the light of which illuminates the pale sky. In the traditional Russian folk tales elegant and solemn royal attire, the young prince stands in full growth on a carpet flying across the sky. His whole appearance speaks of the confidence, courage and integrity of the hero.

The illusion of movement is created by the diagonally stretched edges of the panel, clearly reminiscent of the wings of a huge bird, next to which real, frightened birds look rather small and pathetic. The landscape stretching under the wing carpeted, seen in perspective, reinforced by foggy haze.

The expanse of the river flowing below, extending into the distance, emphasizes the reality of the sensation of movement of an aircraft. And the confidence in the materiality, weight of the carpet-plane is created by its bends. Realizing the people's eternal dream of conquering the air, the picture is filled with optimism and faith in a beautiful future.

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