Description of the painting by Ivan Kramskoy “Christ in the desert”

Description of the painting by Ivan Kramskoy “Christ in the desert”

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In the center of the picture, the artist depicted Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Christ sits among petrified sand ruins. The gaze of Jesus is directed inward, He is in thought ...

His legs are barefoot, the fingers of both hands are fastened in a hard lock. The whole figure of the Master indicates to us the deepest spiritual concentration in which He dwells with His entire Being. Jesus' hair is dark brown, a small beard, all this merges with His garments. Christ is dressed in spacious robes: closer to the body - a free matte purple hoodie, covered with a black cloak.

The figure of the greatest Spiritual Master of humanity is depicted somewhat bent, which tells us about the heavy burden that the Mission took upon Himself. The beige sands surrounding Jesus remind us of mountains and canyons, where Christ, sitting above them, appears to us as a kind of giant. The game of scale was performed artistically by the artist. Behind the back of the God-man, a vast sky stretches.

Top tones are whitish-blue, closer to the desert surface pink and lilac. Jesus sits in a lighted place, apparently, the surrounding landscape shows us the onset of twilight, that is, evening time.

Behind Christ's back, a shadow falls over the desert. And only along the horizon we see two lines of blue-violet translucent cloud stripes, which have a hue of the color of the sea wave and extend against a pinkish background, mainly in the left part of the picture. Also not unimportant detail of the portrait is the fact that the left, brownish-purple leg of Jesus (regarding the beholder) is not covered with a black mantle, unlike the right one.

In addition to the purely visual portrayal of the canvas, the picture also carries an internal impulse that makes us think about something very important and, perhaps, the main thing in our life ...

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