Description of the painting Nikolai Krymov "Landscape"

Description of the painting Nikolai Krymov

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The painting "Landscape" by artist Nikolai Petrovich Krymov, painted in 1916, depicts peasant huts against a cloudy sky. Trees in the background give revitalization to the canvas. It would seem that a simple plot does not cause any feelings. The poor rural way of life, upon closer examination, attracts with its hopelessness, simplicity and routine. And although the picture was painted in bright colors, it looks bleak. Maybe, in view of the lack of images of people on it.

A sunny summer day, a cloud in the background, repeating the outlines of a pile of straw makes you think about the mortality of the world. It is no accident that the author uses a palette of yellowish shades in the foreground. The brightest spot in the picture is precisely this stack. The image in the picture is a bit blurry. Through the prism of sunlight, midday heat is felt. Houses are also depicted in soft colors.

Undoubtedly, Krymov is a vivid landscape painter, able to convey the most subtle colors of summer nature. This picture can be called a model of landscape painting. It is no coincidence that students of art colleges comprehend the mastery of landscape painting precisely from this picture.

In the painting "Landscape" there is nothing that could disrupt the harmony of color. Smooth transitions of tones create a sense of peace. Even in the name of the painting - “Landscape” there is nothing superfluous that could interfere with the contemplation of this work.

At the beginning of his career, Krymov was very poor, he had to paint with paints that scraped more affluent students from his canvases. And throughout his life, the artist was inherent in minimalism in images. But it was from this that his paintings were smoothed out more transparent, unobtrusive, the soul of the artist was felt in them. A landscape poet, as his contemporaries called him. So they call him those who get acquainted with his work today.

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