Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Children in the Forest”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Children in the Forest”

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Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin is a great Russian artist who won fame with paintings depicting his native nature. Shishkin was especially inspired by the forest. In the artist’s paintings, he is different - coniferous and mixed, summer and winter - but always traced with amazing authenticity, accuracy and love.

“Children in the Forest” is one of such paintings characteristic of Shishkin’s work. It is enough to take a fleeting glance at the canvas to determine the author by the manner of execution and plot. Almost the entire space of the picture is occupied by images of grass and trees. In the foreground we see a lawn slightly yellowed from the summer heat, with touching heads of dandelions.

Powerful tree trunks are depicted on both sides: dark brown pine trunks on the left and light bark of the Russian birch on the right. The trees seem to frame the picture, give it completeness, compositional completeness. Their straight trunks are directed upwards, and the crowns are lost outside the canvas.

The background also represents a solid green wall of trees and shrubs. Through the branches of trees you can see a piece of pale blue sky, which is so characteristic of a summer day in central Russia. But such a sky does not leave an impression of cloudiness and cold. It is balanced by sun glare on the surface of the grass.

The perspective of the picture is remarkably lined up. It can be seen how the edge, starting in the foreground, stretches into the distance and leads us along to the trees depicted in the background. In the center of the composition are two children's figures, surprisingly small and defenseless in this green forest kingdom. The red clothing of one of the children stands out against the general background of the picture and involuntarily attracts the eye. Compared with him, the second child is almost invisible.

In the picture, Shishkin uses various shades of green. Here we see saturated dark in the image of conifers, and warm, almost yellow, in the drawing of grass. Colors replace each other, creating amazing harmony and realism.

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