Description of the painting by Alexei Venetsianov “On arable land”

Description of the painting by Alexei Venetsianov “On arable land”

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The great artist Aleksey Venetsianov in the early 19th century painted a unique painting “On arable land”, which enjoys great attention among lovers of painting and art. The picture is perceived as a single whole, everything in it is harmonious, despite the simplicity of everyday life of that time. The motive of the picture is simple and seemingly understandable, but it is important to penetrate the meanwhile and the way of life in order to feel the whole depth of the plot.

History holds many secrets and mysteries that everyone solves in his own way.

Spring, a plowed field, the first leaves of breaking green - everything speaks of how nature awakens. A peasant woman in a beautiful sundress smoothly moves around the arable land, leading horses under the bridle. She is depicted with bare feet, as if in a dance moving on arable land. It has an elegant kokoshnik, which in this interpretation symbolizes spring, a challenge to nature. A woman is full of energy and strength, she is ready to roll mountains after a long winter.

In the foreground, a baby plays - the artist highlights motherhood with a capital letter of the word. He is dressed easy and calmly playing, the earth mother acts on him soothingly.

Spring is in full swing, the work is not an edge, despite this the woman is absolutely calm, she enjoys her work. Venetsianov portrayed nature in such a way that it completely merges into the lifestyle of the working peasant people, they are one. The artist wanted to show the beauty and unity of nature with man, their full understanding and harmony. Russian land is presented as it really is, there is no fiction and hypocrisy.

The author reveals to the viewer the virgin beauty of nature, which is worthy of the pen of great artists. The painting is exhibited at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, anyone can see it there and understand the meaning of the life of the Russian people.

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