Illustration for the tale "The Frog Princess" by Ivan Bilibin (Ivan Tsarevich and the Frog frog)

Illustration for the tale

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The great Russian artist Ivan Bilibin loved to create illustrations for fairy tales, he especially succeeded in this direction in art.

Since 1899, he created entire cycles for the publication of fairy tales, while working in different styles. He selected his approach to each story, brought its own flavor. He created using the carcass technique, highlighted in watercolors, and used ancient Russian plots.

“Illustration for the Tale of the Princess Frog” is considered one of the most famous creations of the pen of the Russian artist. Numerous illustrations have been created for this fairy tale; let us consider, for example, the most striking plot: The meeting between Ivan the Tsarevich and the Princess Frog. The whole scene is depicted against a backdrop of greenery, amazing combinations of different colors and shades create a pleasant spiritual color for what is happening. Ivan is a Russian soul, dressed in a national caftan, hat and green boots. A frog with an arrow in its paw looks at its savior with a piercing gaze. The plot is a good, portending a happy ending.

Bilibin knew how the work would end, so he deliberately portrayed happiness and success, as if preparing the listener for a pleasant long-awaited ending.

As for the general description of all the plots for the Princess-Frog fairy tale, here are clearly outlined the costumes of all the heroes, exactly corresponding to that time. Facial expressions: funny, sad, surprised, etc. it is so clearly visible that one can guess from it the continuation of the whole story of the tale. The author was so delicately and precisely imbued with this tale that he conveyed to the reader all the features of that time, the way of life of people, life, and most importantly human relations.

Good and evil are shown as they really are; there is nothing far-fetched or invented. Bilibin is really a great artist of his time, his work is appreciated and revered from generation to generation.

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