Description of the painting Nicholas Roerich "Sky Battle"

Description of the painting Nicholas Roerich

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Quite a few Roerich's paintings contain images of clouds. So in this picture they allotted most of the canvas. Their image was conveyed by the artist in magnificent forms of patterns, airy and voluminous, so unlike each other. At the top of the sky, the clouds are white, they still let in the rays of the sun, and closer to the earth the color turns to yellow, turning into light blue, with breakthroughs of violet tides, in places brown, reaching dark colors of blue and sometimes gray. The lower part of the clouds, which is closer to the ground, in dark colors, reminiscent of a cluster of thunderclouds. But in this form, they also delight and catch the eye of the viewer.
In the sky there is not a single free space not covered by clouds. Peering into them you feel their strength and power, and at the same time airiness. It seems that they are growing before our eyes, increasing their volumes and reviving new cloud births. I'd like to hold them in my hands, enjoy their beauty about airiness. Looking at the clouds, one can imagine imagining various forms of animals floating in the sky, or maybe horse riders fighting dragons, or even huge ships with colorful sails raised high and other episodes of the spectator’s fantasies.

The earth under the patterned clouds as if absorbed the colors of the clouds. You will not immediately notice a lake, hills of mountains and houses on the earth, since they have little space. All attention is focused on the battle in the sky. One can only guess what caused the natural heavenly battle. Anger in nature is caused by the behavior of mankind, their negative qualities, anger - to people and to answer for their negative actions.

The eternal struggle of two principles - light and darkness, heavenly and earthly, eternal and fleeting. In the imaginary subconscious, there is a place for unearthly forces, even if high in the clouds.

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