Description of the painting by Ilya Repin "Sadko"

Description of the painting by Ilya Repin

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Repin painted the painting "Sadko" in 1876 while in Paris. But in France, Russian folklore motifs of the canvas were not appreciated. But in the artist’s homeland, his work immediately received the highest rating. The painting was bought for his collection by Alexander the Third, the future emperor. Repin himself was awarded the title of academician for his skill.

The author of the epic about Sadko, a Novgorod merchant famous for his play on the harp, inspired the author to create a picture of the author. Once Sadko was visiting a sea king. The underwater master liked the musician’s game so much that he decided to keep Sadko with him. For this, the king is ready to give the merchant a wife any of his daughters.

It is this moment that is depicted on the canvas. The beauties of the princess swim past the epic hero. The artist dressed them in rich national costumes. But they are not at all interested in Sadko, he looks at the simple girl Chernavka, standing in the background. As we know from the past, such a choice of his wife saves his life and freedom.

The painting "Sadko" is distinguished by its depth. She is shown using a string of sea princesses passing by the hero. The girls in the foreground are drawn quite clearly and in detail, you can easily see the features of their faces and details of clothing. The figures in the background are blurry, the end of this brides order is lost somewhere in the depths, it is not visible due to the thickness of the water.

With amazing skill and thoroughness traced sea water. To achieve maximum realism, Repin visits the aquarium, which recently opened in Berlin. The artist uses a variety of shades of green - from light green to rich malachite, almost black.

Repin was able to show the fantastic underwater world, its unearthly beauty. On the canvas we see a variety of inhabitants of the deep sea: starfish, fancy fish, corals and algae.

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