Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Logging”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Logging”

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Russian artists have always sought to sing in their paintings the beauty and grandeur of all nature, which has been the subject of admiration for many years. One of these works, which gave rise to a new trend in the art of painting, was Shishkin's painting “Logging.”

And this is no accident, because the author himself was born in a picturesque corner of the country, in the city of Elabuga. Therefore, looking at the picture, we clearly see that in front of us is a majestic coniferous forest represented by tall spruces, Christmas trees and other trees. This is characteristic of the northern and taiga places of our homeland. But, some think about the question: why does the forest more give associations with the national treasure than the plain?

The fact is that forests represent the wealth and wealth of the entire Russian people, because they are more practical and profitable for life. They give man firewood, in the form of sawn trees, paper and much more. Therefore, many were attracted by this beauty and inaccessibility. Moreover, a person has always had to survive in such conditions.

The painting was painted in 1867, when there were coups in the laws. Therefore, the forest has become for many protection and support. People learned how to build houses from wooden beams, so life has become much more convenient. But the forest was beautiful not only in consumer relations, but also could give peace of mind and faith in the best. Tall trees, slender pines will help you plunge into the abyss of simple life.

If you look closely, you can see that the landscape of the picture is painted in the afternoon. After all, it is clearly visible that the trees give a shadow according to the movement of the sun. It illuminates them from the best side, and we see how all the charm and beauty of oil opens before us. A couple are already cut down, but nothing stands still, so life goes on.

The favorite storyline in the picture was the theme of ferns that majestically spread their leaves and in the foreground were in the shade of trees. And therefore, they are in perfect harmony with each other.

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