Description of the painting Svyatoslav Roerich "India"

Description of the painting Svyatoslav Roerich

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Probably, everyone heard the name of the skilled artist Svyatoslav Roerich, who already at the beginning of the twentieth century managed to establish himself as an excellent specialist in his field. In addition, he was a rather versatile person and completely devoted himself to his work with all his heart. Namely, from the second half of the thirties of the twentieth century, he began to take an active interest in the culture of India and a lot of works on the subject of the East appeared in his gallery. In these canvases reflected the whole life, culture and life of the entire Indian people, all its classes. We see that these paintings are alive, because the artist tried to convey life, as it is, without embellishment.

Therefore, you can see that on the canvas you can see completely genuine feelings - joy, happiness and love. First of all, the author points to the destiny of man in this world. After all, he portrayed a working man who loves his job. Moreover, conscientious work improves not only his physical condition, but also in a sense helps to cleanse the soul. Therefore, in the painting, Roerich decided to draw a thin thread between nature and the human soul. Observing the daily life of peaceful Indians, the artist was able to transfer to his canvases all everyday life, joyful moments of childhood and motherhood, which became for him the main ideas in craftsmanship.

Roerich was able to see even in such everyday trifles something natural, genuine and noble. After all, his main idea was to show how and why a person lives in the world? It is interesting that the landscape in the artist’s paintings does not have any attractive ideas, and sometimes it reflects only background events in human life. For example, the mountains, depicted in gray tones, make it clear that on the path of life everyone will have to climb and climb up to achieve something. In general, the picture gives a clear understanding of the meaning of life.

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