Description of the painting Arkady Plastov "Spring" (In the bath)

Description of the painting Arkady Plastov

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Canvas "Spring" was painted by Plastov in 1954, during the "Khrushchev thaw." Then censorship weakened a little and the criticism that fell on the defiant canvas was not so harsh. Modern society with prejudice reacted to the work of the artist, calling it too vulgar, because a provocative naked woman is right in the center of the canvas. This bold decision of the author was called a non-modern look at art, which really saddened him.

You can see that the picture depicts a dressing room of the Russian hut, the entrance of which is laid with golden straw. A naked woman with long wavy hair came out of the bathhouse. She hides the little girl from the snow with a large gray scarf. The girl obviously does not want to hide her head under a hard gray fabric, she wants to feel the touch of light spring snow.

The girl’s body shines with purity, this dazzling whiteness does not allow the observer to look away from this captivating spectacle. We are not embarrassed when looking at her figure, she is so brilliant and devoid of any vice that she seems to be dressed in long white clothes. In her clear gaze, goodness and calmness are felt.

Thick straw-colored hair flows gracefully down her back, like a divine golden halo. This beautiful woman, with her charm, as it personifies the coming spring, the prosperity of life and the coming fertility. Her light brown curls symbolize the native land, woken up from a winter dream, ready to take in new seeds and grow a rich harvest.

Spring nature as if welcomes its beauty with the help of the last snowfall. She gently drops the snowflakes around the girl. They quietly lie down nearby, but do not touch the young body, so as not to violate its charms.

The picture has a unique harmony. The artist was able to successfully combine the dark gray colors of wood and the warm colors of hay against a frosty spring sky. He skilfully portrayed a little girl wrapped in winter attire, and objects were rural residents.

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