Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev “The Blue House”

Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev “The Blue House”

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The canvas was painted in 1920. The house for the artist is not just an architectural structure that must be completed while maintaining the proportions, the sharpness of the lines is life itself, which is in full swing from all doors and windows. So in Kustodiev’s picture “Blue House” everything is exactly the same.

The house, painted in a pure heavenly color and the people it unites, leads to one place so that they can feel their integrity, not only with this house, but also with each other.

The house is the place where the beginning of human destiny comes from, which, having brought thousands of trials, will return it here to guide the latter. Realizing this, the artist depicts not just a house, but the whole human life. Therefore, the researchers of the picture believe that understanding it is possible only if they begin to examine it in parts, according to the planned arrangement of the characters.

So, in the foreground are ordinary people of different professions playing chess, as if playing the game of their life, which would end in the undertaker's shop, located in the basement of the house. Undertaker - this is the end of the path, but its beginning can be seen at the very bottom of the picture, where almost invisibly placed small children engaged in playing with a dog.

Further, the artist depicts a couple in love, showing that life continues, and as a result, around the corner of the house a woman with a baby is shown, undoubtedly symbolically resembling the Virgin with Jesus in her arms.

At the very top, on the balcony, the owners of the house have tea, gathered around a samovar. Everything is perfect and beautiful, a richly served table, flower pots are fragrant, but these people will also come to the undertaker's shop.

On the roof, a teenager scares away pigeons, he is above all, because he does not know either the dreams of a couple in love, the anxiety of his mother, or even the problems of people gathered at tea and a game, he is completely carefree, and therefore ideal. This boy is the youth and strength of the Russian people, who are not discouraged by any misfortunes.

The picture is filled with light and happiness, everything here is harmonious and joyful, and what else is needed for the human soul.

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