Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Rainbow"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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The great Russian marine painter Aivazovsky in response to statements by critics about his already outdated manner of creativity in 1873 painted the painting "Rainbow", which marked a new period in his work.

It is only at first glance that the viewer sees the Aivazovsky’s characteristic wreck of a sailboat on the canvas. But this picture is significantly different from the painter’s masterpieces created earlier. Without leaving his favorite tricks, the author successfully modernizes them, especially the color of the canvas.

In the center of the canvas is a ship that crashed near the rocks. On the boat sailors leave, trying to escape. A strong wind splashes the silhouette of the shipwrecked ship and coastline. The severe stormy sky practically connected with the elements of the ocean.

Bright and juicy color schemes that the master was so fond of before, in this picture have already been replaced by shades more calm, restrained, well-developed. The color of the work is distinguished by a special sophistication of shades and transitions. And the sunlight, which seems to pierce all the stormy chaos from above, creates a living rainbow, bright, enchanting and gentle. She portends a miracle - salvation. The panic state of sailors on a boat turns into joyful revival. One man gratefully raises his hands to God.

It can be noted that the sensory perception of the picture is generally positive, cheerful. Aivazovsky depicted the victory of sailors in a mortal battle with the elements. And he uses the rainbow as a bright symbol of salvation, the so-called last ray of hope. You can also consider it as a biblical symbol of the salvation of all mankind. Despite the obvious romantic orientation, the Rainbow is already much closer to realism.

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