Description of the painting by Pavel Fedotov “Breakfast on the table” (Breakfast of the aristocrat)

Description of the painting by Pavel Fedotov “Breakfast on the table” (Breakfast of the aristocrat)

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Many of the most beautiful paintings brought fame to the Russian artist Pavel Fedotov, then only one of them, under the very common name “Breakfast on the Table”, best conveys the artist’s skill and talent. The painting was painted between 1849 and 1850. According to the notes of the author himself, the plot for her was not chosen by chance, but under the influence of one small humorous story describing the life of an impoverished aristocrat, so in some sources you can find another name for the picture - “Breakfast of the aristocrat”.

What is the picture about? Its main idea is this:

A young secular whip, of which there were quite a lot at that time, was wasting all his savings, losing them to cards, or just scamming with girls. At the same time, he does not want to disclose to anyone his unfavorable financial situation, rightly fearing that he will cease to be accepted in a secular society, which disapproves of poverty and failure. Therefore, he continues to surround himself with external luxury, which is so elegantly depicted by the artist in the picture - this is also an expensive candlestick, a beautiful lamp, a Persian carpet, a carved antique table. Having sold these valuable things, he would have greatly improved his material condition, but the hypocritical desire to appear the same as all rich friends makes the young man sit at the table and eat a piece of brown bread.

But this is just the backstory of the event, which is about to turn around, as the moment in the picture is fixed when a visitor who is unexpectedly ready to burst in by a breakfast person. With great skill, Fedorov conveyed the confusion that arose on the face of an aristocrat trying to hide his breakfast under a book. But apparently it’s too late, because a piece of an expensive frock coat is already flickering in the doorway, and the guest’s friend is already ready to push the canopy back. The white poodle, placed by the artist at the door, is already ready with a joyful bark to greet the incoming.

Tension, fear of exposure, confusion are the main feelings that arise when a detailed examination of the picture. But it is undoubted that the picture found popularity by giving its viewer a chance to independently come up with the whole further plot. He will understand whether or not the situation has entered, a fraud will be revealed, or the aristocrat will live like this all his life - this is a secret belonging to everyone’s imagination.

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