Description of Claude Monet's painting “The Lady in the Garden”

Description of Claude Monet's painting “The Lady in the Garden”

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The full name of the painting is The Lady in the Garden of Saint-Address, written by the famous French artist Claude Monet in 1867. A favorite theme for the artist’s creativity is the theme of nature, his landscapes are unique and always so vivid that the people depicted on them seem to want to merge with this nature, to be absorbed in its wondrous colors.

The painting "Lady in the Garden" was painted at the peak of his career, so the image of a woman is so beautiful and at the same time intangible. In his later works, the artist completely refuses to portray people, giving the main role to nature.

In short, the plot of the picture is as follows:

A sultry summer day, the rays of the sun permeate every leaf of the tree depicted in the foreground. Here is a strolling girl in a crystal white dress. The girl and the tree are located by the artist on the same level, which shows his desire to equate nature and man, to say that they are one and therefore both are beautiful. The girl admires the flower beds and is turned halfway to the viewer, so that her face is not visible. And this is right, the nature of the faceless, it is in every blade of grass, and in every flower, as well as in a woman walking under an umbrella.

Nature lives, she did not just freeze at the moment when she was placed on the canvas, she continued her life out of time, and everything also gives rise to the girl and everyone who is interested in the artist’s art to see these changes. The picture shines with its every point, and the girl is so snow-white that it is comparable not with a person, but with a swan swimming along the thickets of bushes and trees.

A huge park, high crowns of trees and a little girl who admires the surrounding landscape - all this is Monet himself, his soul, the soul of a real artist who is able to love and enjoy the world around him.

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