Description of the painting by Pavel Fedotov “Anchor, still Anchor”

Description of the painting by Pavel Fedotov “Anchor, still Anchor”

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In the years 1851-1852, the famous Russian artist Fedotov painted the last painting completed by him to the end, called - "Ankor, still, Ankor." The picture is not quite clear and seemed vague, the same as the soldier's life depicted on it. A dark room, illuminated by the light of a candle and the moon, which penetrates through a small window, a bed, a towel and a soldier’s bowler hat on the wall, is her poor interior.

Outside the window there is cold wind and snow, there is winter, the room is warm and good, but perhaps it is as cold as in the courtyard in the heart of the person who is lying on the bed. Most likely, this is a soldier stationed in a winter apartment in a peasant's hut. He is an officer, because he lives alone in the room, and also because of the sign that he has a dog, the game with which is shown in the picture. Far from his comrades, from the hustle and bustle of social life, the soldier is bored, he has nothing to occupy himself with, he doesn’t read books, he doesn’t want to sleep, and frost outside prevents him from walking through the fresh air. For many months this room became the meaning of his life, turned into his whole life, and now he just does not know what else to do.

A poodle dog jumps over a stick with pleasure, and the person lying on the bed repeats the same movement over and over again, forcing the dog to play again and again. And it is clear that the dog, like a man, is tired, but this is the only thing left for them to at least somehow have fun in the winter evening. Therefore, a person invariably repeats the words: “Anchor, yet, Anchor”, which literally translates from French: “Yet, again, again”, this forces the dog to act, but does not change anything, since they have been playing this way for the whole in the evening.

The picture requires a long understanding and therefore is difficult for visual perception, but after considering it better, everything becomes clear and understandable, therefore you should not immediately leave the picture, you need to stop, think and understand.

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