Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan "Wooded Coast"

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan

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Levitan Isaac Ilyich painted the famous painting "Forested Coast" in 1892 in the landscape genre. The picture is painted on canvas with oil, in the style of realism. The plot reflects the beauty of native nature, love and respect for it.

Looking at the endless expanse of water, I want to think about life, being and everything that surrounds us, plunge into the atmosphere of kindness and tranquility. There is no evil and falsehood that often surrounds us.

A wide river, winding, goes beyond the horizon. It is dusk. The river is calm and calm, even the forest froze in anticipation, nature is "not mobile" and, at the same time, it is alive, and everything, it would seem, is taking its course. The plot uses two extremes. One is a steep beach, and the other is a quiet, peaceful beach. Opposites completely complement each other and create a single composition. Withered stumps give the plot a special flavor that everyone interprets in their own way.

Levitan is a master of his craft, he thought through the plot to the smallest detail, showing the nature of multifaceted. The water is dark, with a unique greenish tint, glistens in the rays of the setting sun, the sky is covered with clouds, the impenetrable forest is motionless, the coast slides more and more. The colors are used in warm colors, which gives the plot warmth, kindness and serenity.

Yellow colors convey the feeling that the beach is really crumbling. That is what the talent and skill of a great artist means. Heat comes from the Russian land, which warms not only the body, but also the soul. The artist makes the viewer think about the meaning of life, about love for his native land, about eternity, through the landscape.

The painting is in the Tver Picture Gallery and is included in the cycle of landscape paintings of the great master of his craft. Repeatedly the painting was exhibited in the famous Tretyakov Gallery, giving the opportunity for a large number of visitors to see the purity and beauty of their native nature.

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