Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Velazquez painting portrait of the Infanta Margarita"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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The famous work of Salvador Dali, “Velazquez, painting a portrait of the Infanta Margarita in the rays and shadow of his own glory,” became famous throughout the world. The work was painted in 1958 small on canvas and is of incredible historical value.

The picture is truly great and extraordinary. Dali works in such a way as if the audience is watching him, he appears before them completely free and open. Infanta Margarita is depicted in many works of great masters, but as she really is, in the real world and image.

Dali, on the other hand, depicts the infante in a completely different way, she appears in the form of a shadow, as if work on the canvas had just begun and the master made the necessary sketches for himself. The picture of cheese is fresh, but it contains many secrets and mysteries that we viewers will have to uncover. She is the queen, basking in the rays of glory. She is proud of her life and what she brings to the world and people. Despite the transparency and phantom of the image and plot, the picture is painted in bright and rich colors. Red is the color of power, love and passion, yellow is the color of calm, serenity and peace, blue is the color of nirvana and bliss, brown and gray are the colors that allow us to create the unique and mysterious aura that the great artist wants to convey to us.

The figure of the little man in the foreground is the great maestro himself, who paints a portrait of the great infante Margarita. He puts himself much lower than this amazing woman, and is not afraid that she will completely eclipse him. No, it won’t be, because the master creates a great miracle that will be immortalized on the canvas.

The painting is exhibited at the Salvador Dali Museum, along with a complete collection of works about the Infanta Margarita. The museum is located in Florida in the USA and invites anyone to see the famous works of this great master of the pen.

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