Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Self-portrait"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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This is the first self-portrait of the great genius of surrealism - Salvador Dali. A gloomy man with an expression of doom in his eyes looks at us from the canvas. The artist painted only face and captivity. But even on them you can already guess about many of its features.

The general background of the canvas is very darkened, among blackness the face is almost the only distinguishable subject, but he painted quite dark colors, with a lot of transitions and partial shade.

The face is painted using olive and brown colors, the silhouette of a black wide-brimmed hat emerges. We see that the scarlet shadow indicates the shoulder line, and he depicted the pipe in closed puffy, red lips with a bright lemon detail. The author’s figure is not turned towards the viewer; he seems to be looking at us, going far ahead. This can be understood by the direction of the gaze of his gaze, which looks all the way back. But he wants to turn his head, as if everything that happens behind is not worthy of his attention. He will only calmly, cynically evaluate and nothing more. Also, some arrogance can be seen in the style of writing a self-portrait.

The master highlights his face with such a specific shade that it seems as if it is covered with a gold dusting. There is a lasting impression that Dali wants to exalt himself among the general mass, to show what is better than others. Each of his lines symbolizes neglect and superiority over the observer. A sharp, chiseled nose and a massive chin indicate stubbornness and focus.

You can notice the hypertrophied size of parts of the face: a very large eye and lips, a large rounded chin. Also, a black hat and a cloak can indicate the author’s desire to hide, hide in the darkness absorbing him universal lack of talent. But thanks to his talents and originality, he is not capable of this.

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