Description of the painting by Pavel Fedotov “The picky bride”

Description of the painting by Pavel Fedotov “The picky bride”

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Pavel Andreevich Fedotov painted the canvas “The Picky Bride” in 1847. The canvas tells the viewer a whole plot. This is facilitated by the deliberately prim atmosphere of the room, unnaturally emotional expressions of the characters of the acting hero and some comic nature of their positions.

A middle-aged lady sits elegantly in the center of the picture, on her face is a courteous indulgence and deceptive doubt. Her figure is slightly turned towards the interlocutor who holds her hand. This position indicates the woman’s extreme interest in the gentleman, who clung to her in a kneeling pose. Her hands are finished off by a middle-aged hunchback who digs into her face with a prayer. He is trying to understand whether it is possible that such a beautiful lady would agree to associate her fate with him.

Although he is elegantly dressed - an expensive, well-tailored jacket hides his massive hump on his back - he still understands how small his chances of a successful resolution of the case are. But how wrong he is. The woman’s parents are watching the process, they look at her with obvious impatience and hope. It seems that this bride is not taking the first applicant for her hand and she has no choice left. She simply takes time before agreeing to entrust her fate to this ugly old man who, in a fit of feelings, even dropped his shiny cylinder and gloves on the floor.

The woman herself is aware of the need for consent. Her face is a crimson color. This betrays the abundance of makeup that she put on her face before taking the groom. Powder and thick blush on the cheeks are designed to hide age-related changes on the face of the bride and distract attention from dry, aging skin.

The author of the canvas gracefully emphasized the similarity of future spouses. As far as the groom is disgusting outwardly, so his arrogant, selfish wife is black inside. It seems that together they form a perfect union.

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