Description of the painting Boris Kustodiev "Fair"

Description of the painting Boris Kustodiev

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Fairs have always been a central destination for many villagers. It was possible to make useful purchases at fairs; often only at fairs could certain things be produced. In addition, the fair is a place of entertainment, various contests, communication. It is such a fair depicted in the picture.

Not a single visitor to the fair can view the face. All visitors to the fair put on their best holiday clothes - and how else, because fairs for them were truly a festive event. Women have elegant dresses, patterned scarves, men have new bast shoes and beautiful caftans.

Two elderly men in the foreground are discussing something violently. Most likely, they talk about previous fairs. Children, out of habit, look at sweets and toys. There is a girl clutching a new doll in her hand and a boy chewing sugar.
Most women choose and measure beautiful patterned shawls. Two young ladies discussing goods on the counter among themselves.
On the other hand, the paintings of the newly-minted indicators choose things that are suitable for the household - rakes, shovels and wooden buckets. A woman is trying to bargain with a rake seller.

Young guys choose musical instruments. Their choice fell on the harmonica. They are in no hurry to buy it, before they try the sound of a new musical instrument.

Everywhere it goes, vibrant life is in full swing. All visitors to the fair are lively and cheerful, talking, discussing everything that is happening around, discussing the goods brought in, consulting, bargaining.

And behind the fairground is a village. Gray houses, rickety roofs, a church and gray, gloomy, low overhanging sky. Very soon, the bright fair day will end, and all buyers will return to their old homes, return to the old, measured and gray life.

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