Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin "Birch Grove"

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin

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Shishkin completed the work "Birch Grove" in 1896. The canvas is exhibited in the halls of the Yaroslavl Art Museum. This Russian landscape master created a truly naturalistic image of his native landscape. Shishkin uses a complex technique of drawing, his paintings are very detailed. He prescribes every smallest detail in the thin petals of the emerald grass, in the gray hard wood bark and lush birch leaves that abundantly fill tree trunks. Everything here speaks of a frantic love of land and nature, birch as if symbolizing a bright fatherland.

The painting was painted primarily in green, blue, brown and white. It is full of sun and the warmth of a summer forest. Looking at it, you are as if immersed in the atmosphere of a hot day, around the intoxicating air filled with soft aromas of herbs and tree bark. Everything is permeated with many sounds made by birds, insects and forest animals that lurked nearby. The picture is not frozen, it is in motion.

With light strokes on the canvas, the author writes life itself. This is read, first of all, in its lower part, where small, wild white flowers are located. Their petals come off from the inflorescences under the gusts of fresh wind and scatter throughout the canvas, gently illuminating it. This life is visible in the slope of the grass, which stretches to the light in order to nourish their strength and grow to the very heavens.

Note that the surface of the earth is uneven, as if it rises to the left side.

It seems like a tired traveler on the way to the picturesque peak on the edge of the forest sat down to rest for a couple of minutes with this dense, birch grove. But, seeing all this splendor, he froze in place. Now he cannot move, because everything around him is intoxicating with his natural beauty and strength.

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