Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “The fight of Dobryny Nikitich with the seven-headed Serpent Gorynych”

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “The fight of Dobryny Nikitich with the seven-headed Serpent Gorynych”

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The painting was painted in 1918.

Vasnetsov enters everyone’s life from early childhood with his epic paintings and accompanies us throughout his life.

Bylina about the battle of Dobrynia became the basis of the plot of the picture. It tells of how Dobrynya defeated the serpent and let it go, taking his word from him that he would no longer take away innocent Christians. The viewer sees Dobrynya at the moment when he draws his sword to strike.

Incredibly colorful all the colors expertly used by the artist. The blue black serpent covers an incredibly gloomy sky. It is so huge that it occupies almost half of the picture. The hero is depicted from the back. The viewer does not see his face, and this is not necessary. He is not at all strong in the view that many people have, but a completely ordinary person. We do not feel his incredible power, which we read about in all Russian epics. But Vasnetsov specifically creates such an image. Dobrynya is a real hero, since he was not afraid to engage in a battle with the Serpent, which many times surpasses him not only in size, but also in incredible power. The viewer has the impression that there is not even a snake on the canvas, but a kind of gloomy cloud that covers almost the whole sky. But, nevertheless, the picture is not at all dark.

The red glow in the sky creates a feeling of some anxiety over the outcome of the battle. A traditional cloak of a hero of the same color. Basically, Vasnetsov used rather gloomy colors. The central figure of the painting is Dobrynya. Its silhouette is highlighted in color.

On the one hand, Vasnetsov used a fairy tale plot. This is like an illustration to one of the epics .. But the artist used it to convey the idea of ​​the heroism of a man who is not afraid of anything and is fighting not only for himself, but also for the happiness and freedom of all people. He is not afraid of anything and does not back down.

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