Description of the painting by Ilya Repin “Arrest of the propagandist”

Description of the painting by Ilya Repin “Arrest of the propagandist”

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For the first time, the artist decided to write this picture after he had to witness the reprisal against the “people's criminals”. As you know, these people were not criminals at all, they just did not want to obey the authorities. Later, this court was called the "Process of the 193s." These events took place in St. Petersburg in 1878.

The final version of the painting “the arrest of the propagandist,” which Repin began to write in 1880, appeared only a few years later. The artist constantly refined it, believing that she was missing something. He made all the changes due to the fact that he wanted to achieve the maximum honesty and truthfulness of the picture.

In fact, it turned out to be very real. Repin singled out the main character through the use of various artistic means. His bright red shirt contrasts with the surrounding background. His thoughts, views, understanding of life are also excellent. He sees the surrounding reality not like all those who arrest him. He is a true revolutionary with progressive views and ideas. The propagandist is located in the center. Due to this, the artist skillfully noticed his gaze. The revolutionary looks very sternly at the man located near the wall. In his eyes - hatred towards him, but he is not afraid. He is very calm. It is this calm that emphasizes that the prisoner has an unbending will and fortitude.

All the rest do not worry at all about how the fate of the hero will turn out. The gathered crowd simply looks with interest at how events will develop further.

"The arrest of the propagandist" refers to the "people's movement" series of works by the artist.

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