Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Seascape"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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The famous marine painter Aivazovsky has several paintings depicting pacific sea scenes. They amaze with their color scheme of delicate and at the same time saturated colors, brightly playing in the sun.

This painting was written in 1870. Before the gaze of the observer the most beautiful seascape. It’s getting party. A large sailboat gradually approaches the mountain shore. The sea is quite calm, the waves are small and quiet.

The picture is as if divided into two parts. On the left side you can see a rather gloomy landscape - mountainous terrain, behind a haze of fog, high, formidable mountains are hiding. Gloomy dark coast does not inspire calm. And even the sea off the coast is much darker.

On the right side, pinkish-blue light waves can be observed. A bright sky and bright sunlight are a completely peaceful landscape. It is in the middle of two species so different from each other that a sailboat is located. Clouds are approaching from the left side, the wind filled the sails. The ship tilted, but the viewer understands that he will stand and nothing critical will happen.
Once again, the painting reflects the violence of the elements, its variability and inconstancy. The viewer can feel the rising wind, a light breeze and the smell of sea water.

The sky is striking in its beauty - it seems to merge with the sea. The skyline is almost indistinguishable. Beyond the clouds, golden rays of sunlight are barely visible. The clouds are painted in light pastel colors. The artist painted clouds in pink and blue: these same colors are reflected in the waves of the sea.

From the picture it blows with pacification, which is not clouded by even approaching clouds. “A lone sail whitens ...”

Aivazovsky Flood

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