Description of the painting Isaac Levitan "Golden Autumn Sloboda"

Description of the painting Isaac Levitan

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The artist was very fond of traveling along the Volga. Volga for Levitan became like a heroine. On his canvases, he more than once displayed landscapes that touched this mighty river. And this time, when the artist was in his favorite place Ples on the Volga, he wanted to paint this picture.

This is a very piercing chord, writing this canvas. Because the picture itself is contradictory. On the one hand, Levitan displayed the feast of nature, a bright autumn short time, on the other - the usual life of a simple Russian village.

The picture shows the sloping peasant huts, a driveway, and a yellowing forest. In the depths of the picture is a calm color scheme.

Here the artist displayed the greatness of this huge space. And the calm expectation that cold and rainy days will come soon.

The picture, as it were, shows the cyclical nature of life. The village stands in the middle of green fields. Around is sunlight, although there is no heat from it anymore. A slender birch stands to the left with its crown of yellowed leaves.

It is a bright spot in relation to other trees that have already dropped their leaves and they are darkened, as if waiting for winter to approach, to go into hibernation before spring awakening.

And along the rickety houses stretches a country road, which, as it were, freezes due to a decrepit wattle fence, which is caught on the outer hut, and then appears between fields and is lost somewhere on the horizon.

The usual everyday picture. The master once again emphasized that life is a natural course of events. And that summer is replaced by autumn, etc. That is, it is a continuous cycle of the life of nature.

The artist, who adored everyday motives, constantly developed this lyrical theme. And the teacher who inspired Levitan to paint landscapes was the wonderful artist A.K. Savrasov.

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