Description of Franz Marc's painting “The Blue Horse”

Description of Franz Marc's painting “The Blue Horse”

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“Blue Horse” is one of the most famous works of the German artist Franz Mark. However, it differs from other paintings by the artist. First of all, its main advantage is its special penetration and charm.

The horse resembles a young man who is still full of strength. He bowed his head on one side. His body is made in slightly broken forms. By the way, drawing in this manner is characteristic of this artist. The sternum of the horse is pierced by white. At the same time, his mane and hooves are given blue. Due to this contrast, the horse looks very unusual. Anyway, it's a little unusual to see a blue horse.

The painting itself is made in a rather interesting color. Against the background of these contrasting colors, the horse seems even more unusual. It seems that it complements the background, and the background, in turn, also complements the horse. These two objects simply could not exist without each other.

In the picture we see the color theory of the artist. He believed that fantasy, like creativity, has no limits. Therefore, you need to write as you see, and nothing else. A similar color scheme is typical for many of Franz Marc's works. In one of his letters to Augusto Macke, the artist explained his understanding of the colors fundamental to his work: yellow is a feminine principle, it is soft and sensual; blue is a masculine principle, it is strict, but at the same time spiritual; red is the color of matter, it is very cruel, but always suppressed by the first two.

In the painting "Blue Horse" there is a significant predominance of blue. Here, the artist combined a noble animal and a blue principle, creating something irresistible. However, this image is so irresistible not only because of the color. The shape of the horse itself is also quite expressionistic, that is, it causes various emotions in the soul of every person. Due to the fact that the head of the animal is bowed, it seems that the horse is a receptive creature that is also able to feel.

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