Description of the painting Isaac Levitan “Lake. Russia "

Description of the painting Isaac Levitan “Lake. Russia

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This last painting by Levitan was painted in 1895.

"Lake Rus" - the main work of the painter of the late era. The artist never completed this creation, as he died. But even in this unfinished form, the picture makes a tremendous impression on all viewers. A sunny day, its incredible freshness and special brightness, are conveyed with a special immediacy, which is almost impressionistic. The viewer sees magnificent golden clouds floating across the sky, bizarrely reflected in the lake. On the shore you can see belfries of bright white color, lush green meadows, autumn trees. All this fills us with the belief that Russia will have a very happy and surely good future.

The picture of Levitan is a kind of synthesis of all the observations and impressions of the artist over the nature of his land.

The artist worked on this canvas for an incredibly long time and, most importantly, with inspiration. For him, he did many sketches and sketches. Very often traveled to the lakes in the Tver province, which became the nature of his masterpiece.

Levitan masterfully combines the rich colors of summer with a riot of shades of autumn nature. The idea of ​​the artist is that this is exactly what nature should be in quite rare moments of its true happiness. An incredibly romantic picture appears in front of the viewer, which sounds like a lyrical song.

It is important that the sky is not just the background of the picture. There is an irresistible sensation that the clouds do not just float and catch up with each other, but seem to go beyond the canvas. Clouds are the most expressive part of this grandiose landscape.

The space is so enormous that a truly panorama is created. The clouds move, amplifying this incredible breadth.

All colors of the picture are unusually bright and clear. The clouds are far from just white. They are slightly purple and slightly yellowish where they are illuminated by the rays of the sun.

The entire canvas is created by strokes of large width, which generalize all objects.

The painter tries to combine a certain decorativeness and genuine monumentality; the complexity and generalization of the image depicted by him, the psychologism and subtlety of the transitions between color and light.

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