Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel "Pearl"

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel

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The painting "Pearl" was painted by Mikhail Vrubel in 1904 and exhibited at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

It is believed that Voloshin's gift inspired the painting of Vrubel - a very beautiful large sea shell, covered with sparkling mother of pearl from the inside. The sink reminded the artist of the sea, painted seascape, smells and sounds in his imagination. Vrubel was eager to transfer the beauty and radiance of mother-of-pearl to the canvas, but it was not so simple. Each time you turn your hand, the sink changes color. And when you change the lighting, it plays in a completely different way.

The painter concludes that sink plans can be conveyed by various transitions of shades of white and black. Vrubel makes a lot of sketches of the shell with charcoal and a pencil before taking on the brush. He decides not to leave the sink, written in paints, in black and white. The artist uses the most complex modulations of lilac, green, blue and pink. The sink looks so natural that it seems as if it turns its head, it will change its color. The spiral of the pearl looks towards the center

Vrubel depicts a shell much larger than its natural size, and it reminds him of a sea tower with mysterious inhabitants. Then the artist fits into the picture of the sea princesses. The princesses are depicted at the bottom of the canvas and give the whole structure a solid support. The figures were not too successful for Vrubel, their poses were too proud and majestic. The artist himself was very dissatisfied with the princes unworthy of his marvelous home.

Vrubel is already painting at the end of his life, this is one of his last creations, so he has been working on it for a long time, drawing the details again and again. He seeks in it the very nature, lightness and warmth, magic. Contemporaries enthusiastically accept the creation exhibited in 1905 at the exhibition of the Union of Artists.

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