Description of the painting by Julius Clover “Forest”

Description of the painting by Julius Clover “Forest”

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Clover's painting “Forest” amazes the viewer with its realism. Looking at her, it seems that you are looking at a photograph. The picture shows a thicket of forest. It is unlikely that a person’s foot often steps here - the wilds look too impassable and gloomy.

A misty haze spreads above the ground. Because of the veil, no sky, no horizon, no distant trees can be seen. Only the tops of old spruce trees towering above the fog and dissolving in it are visible.

In the foreground is a small part of the forest swamp. It is overgrown with grass and sedge, in the thicket of the forest it is almost imperceptible, and therefore poses a great danger to the casual traveler. Behind the swamp lies a fallen birch. The roots of this tree rise in the smooth surface of swamp water. It can be seen that the earth on the roots of the tree is completely damp - apparently, the tree fell not so long ago. The roots of the tree are reflected in stagnant water. Who knows, life may have passed a hurricane not so long ago.

At a distance, at the edge of the trees, one more fallen tree can be seen, most likely a pine. Several forest birds fly over it. Perhaps someone scared them. The forest in the picture is mixed, which is more typical of the middle zone of Russia. Before the eyes of the reader appear and pine, and spruce, and birch. The forest is dense, shrouded in shrubs.

The color scheme of the landscape suggests the idea of ​​the time of year. In some places, yellow grass and foliage are already visible - before us is the end of summer or the beginning of autumn.

The landscape evokes fear. Despite the fact that it is written in bright colors, the sensations from viewing it are rather bleak. It would not be easy for someone who at that hour wandered into this thicket. The unknown is the long-range plan - it is not visible behind the fog whether there is a way out of the thicket, or farther thickets of trees waiting for the traveler.

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