Description of the painting by Grigory Myasoedov “Autumn Morning”

Description of the painting by Grigory Myasoedov “Autumn Morning”

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Grigory Grigorievich Myasoedov - was an active creative figure who played a significant role in the development of Russian art. His paintings were primarily addressed to the call for action. Numerous works by the artist convey a strong character and will. He strove to learn everything about everything: he participated in revolutions, studied folk traditions and much more.

Only at the end of his life, Myasoedov retired from work and went to live in the village, where he will discover a new world - nature. He begins to create everyday paintings, and most importantly - tries to create landscapes.

Myasoedov in the painting "Autumn Morning" was able to catch the moment when nature is preparing for a long sleep in the winter. In the morning it starts moving: the leaves fall, the flowers lose their former aroma and shape. For many, autumn is a time of sadness, but the picture of dates is an opportunity to look at the magic of autumn from a different perspective.

The composition consists of bright colors that are softly blurred: orange, yellow, purple, brown and other colors. Such a variety allows you to see all the beauty of nature in preparation for the completion of the year-round cycle. Liveliness and mobility is attached to the brook, which flows in the depths of the forest. He is depicted with a narrow ribbon, but filled with life. The stream is striving forward, and nature is trying to hide it with its leaves, making it mysterious and invisible to the traveler.

You can also notice the fog, which spread out at the top of the trees, creating a bluish-white cloud. A stump becomes an unexpected accent, which looks harmonious with the environment, giving completeness to the picture. For the rest of the trees, life goes on, but soon they will end their life.

The whole picture penetrates a bright yellow color, which symbolizes harmony. One season, inferior to another, preparing the environment for change. Although the canvas is realistic, some mystery and mystery remain in it. Like a forest, does not want to tell his secrets to a man.

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