Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “In the Forest”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “In the Forest”

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Konstantin Andreyevich Somov is not only an artist, but also a Russian representative of the Art Nouveau style, as well as a well-known representative of symbolism. He was also a graphic artist and painter, master of portraits and landscape. Somov was one of the main co-founders of the magazine "World of Art". The artist loves to paint landscapes, it doesn’t matter, it’s a genre plot, portrait or even an interior with a window and a wonderful view. His work is marked by the harmony of colors and the play of texture, which convey to the viewer a spiritualized and mysterious image of nature itself. The grotesque accompanies the mood of many of the author’s retro-paintings. In addition to this painting and graphics, the creator worked very carefully on small plastic.

Thanks to his development, he created unique "rocky" compositions. Somov is a master of ornaments sophisticated in forms and colors, the artist enhances their jewelry by introducing gold into them. Most of the images of the creator are plot. Many of them with retrospective coloring. The author really liked the work and even in the last years of his life, with a severe illness, he did not stop working intensively.

In each picture of the creator, a deep meaning was hidden, as in the painting “In the Forest”. As you can see, what kind of painting is important, a unique landscape must be present on it, this is a very unusual feature of the artist. At first glance, this image shows a couple in love, the viewer feels dreams, warmth, sincerity, but not so simple! Love was not so important for the creator, because you just can’t believe it, looking at other paintings.

Having looked at other images of the author it is very difficult to see sincere love, "realness", most likely a deception and love games. But nevertheless, his canvases are unique, because what a beautiful landscape and how it complements a couple, maybe without love, but the author just wants to convey good plot moments to us with positive, optimism, joy and satisfaction.

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