Description of the painting by Karl Bryullov “Girl picking grapes in the vicinity of Naples”

Description of the painting by Karl Bryullov “Girl picking grapes in the vicinity of Naples”

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The painting was painted when the artist was in Italy with the aim of training and improving his skills. Bryullov tried to find beauty in everyday things and transfer it to the canvas.

The picture depicts a harvest scene. The girl in the center picks grapes in a basket that hangs on her left hand. To reach the next bunch she had to turn around, stand on her toes, grab the pole and stretch her right hand to the grapes, leaning slightly back. The girl looks as if frozen in a dance. She is graceful and graceful. Perhaps the girl even sings some Italian song and moves to the beat of a tambourine.

The second girl lies on the stairs. Head she rests on a large green pumpkin. In her hands is a tambourine. The girl strikes him lightly. She looks like she was dancing, tired and lay down to rest in the shade of a vine. The face of the lying girl is flirty and playful. The hair of the heroines is collected, but light curls are knocked out of the hairstyle. Blush burns on her cheeks.

In the background on the right is a boy in a shirt. He carries a large bottle of wine. The boy is focused on this lesson. At the bottom right, a stream of water hits the source, adding movement to the picture. In the background stands a harnessed donkey, the outlines of bushes, trees and mountains are visible.

The artist highlights the center of the picture with shades of red: these are girls' clothes, a tambourine, a coral necklace, and blush. The white color of the clothes gives a glow, reflects the bright Italian sun. The shades of green and ocher frame the picture: vine, bushes and trees, pumpkin, spring with water and earth.

The light clothing of the characters in the painting conveys the warmth of the Italian summer. At the girl in the center, her slender legs shine through the thin fabric. And the blouse of a lying girl falls, barely exposing her white chest. And it is not at all noticeable that the girls are busy with hard work.

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